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Judy Lane's music is written for class and choir singing at school as well as sacred music for church choirs and church solos. School music is appropriate for concerts, assemblies and parents evenings or just for fun. Songs are easy to sing with easy piano accompaniment,  some use percussion, violin, cello, flute or recorder.


 'ONLY REMEMBERED' Judy Lane's moving musical setting of Ira Sankey's famous words remembering fallen soldiers was enthusiastically absorbed into Remembrance Sunday services by several churches around the UK last year. 
John Fellows - Choirmaster at St Chad's Church - Pattingham commented
"At our first Mass, a soloist performed the hymn admirably..At our main Mass, 'Only Remembered' was sung by our church choir after the 2 minutes silence and we projected the words on our AV system together with some moving archive war film. ... we received some very nice comments from members of the congregation..."
Alec Unsworth, organist and choirmaster at St Gregory The Great - Northampton said
"Well, the music turned out to be a great succes. ... I am sure we will again use this setting to those words. I am finding it difficult to get the tune out of my head."
This was Sandra Wyllie's comment after their Remembrance Service at Castlehill Parish Church.
"Our choir sang 'Only Remembered' at our Remembrance Service and it was very well received. Our congregation thought the words were so appropriate and the music matched the words so well which gave a very poignant feel to the singing.."

'Only Remembered
' recently won a composing competition in conjunction with the Royal Army Medical Corp.

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The portfolio also includes another special event song
'WELCOME', a song with heartwarming words specifically to welcome a new baby - very appropriate as part of a Christening Service
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'LIGHTEN OUR DARKNESS' An award winning setting of the comforting words from Evensong with easy 2 part singing.
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 'LIFT UP YOUR HEARTS' This 2-part choral piece is a musical setting of words ascribed to St Gregory.

Exciting Ideas For Class Singing
This Term

With Easter In Mind

The Donkey front coverThe Donkey
This award winning setting of GK Chestertons poem was inspired by a trip on a donkey cart and reminds one of the donkey's special task on Palm Sunday. ....More info
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Music With A Message
The Hare And The Tortoise Front CoverThe Hare And The Tortoise
Good old Aesop - 'Perseverance Wins The Race!' School children will remember the message of 'The Hare And The Tortoise when they learn this fun song. ....More info
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A Culinary Tale front coverA Culinary Tale
This fun song for school children is about the very topical subject of not wasting food. "The lesson from this story is easy to relate. Don't send your food to the land-fill tip when it should be on your plate".  ....More info
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Popular And Easy Instrumental Pieces [Violins or flutes with piano accompaniment]

The Peaceful Dove front coverThe Peaceful Dove
The Magic Sleigh Ride is an easy piece for all children to learn and play in the classroom. The voice line is simple, as are the instrumental lines and the remainder of the class can play along on tambourines. An opportunity for a class to have fun making music.   ....More info
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The Stately Swan front coverThe Stately Swan
Serene like the swan with continuous unseen paddling, this is an easy pice for 2 violins and piano. Ideal for an end of term concert or just for enjoyment. Other instruments could replace the violins - for instance flutes.   ....More info

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Easy piano accompanime
nt - some use percussion, cello, flute or recorder


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